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EZ Life  Q & A

Are the policies guaranteed issue?


No.  The application for insurance is fully underwritten by the insurance company chosen by your client. In situations where there are medical issues, the EZ Life staff will work with your client and the carrier to obtain the best rates available.


Is it Safe?


In compliance with all HIPPA rules, information obtained in the application process with be shared only with the carrier and associates as needed to issue and place the policy for the benefit of the client.


Do you offer other products and services beyond Easy Life Sales


Yes.  We are a full service insurance brokerage company.  If your organization wishes to discuss

offering our complete portfolio of products and services we will be happy to do so.

Will you contact our clients who have purchased insurance through EZ Life on other products?


 No.  We service the agent and honor the relationship you have with your client.

Are Security products available?


Yes.  We have selling agreements with many broker dealers.  We will be happy to work with you if  you are securities licensed.

What if a client lives in another state?


EZ Life is available in all states, but the writing agent must hold a valid license and company appointment for that state.


Are my commissions reduced by using EZ Life Sales?


No.  The commission structure is the same as writing an application in the traditional manner.

Do I Need an Appointment With All the Carriers Available on EZ Life?


If you are submitting a case with a carrier and you are not already appointed with that carrier though AMG it will be necessary that you do so before the case can be processed. Contact Steve Gresso or Michelle Alford in our offices and they will process the appointment and coordinate it with the case submission.  If you are unsure you have an appointment with any carrier, we will be happy to verify your status.



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