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Medi Gap  
The rising cost of health care is a real challenge to both employees and employers!  Over 90% of employers believe controlling health care costs is their top employee benefit priority . Affordable health care coverage often means more risk to employees through increased deductibles and high out-of-pocket expenses. Employers struggle to provide meaningful and affordable health care coverage to their employees.  
The Solution?


.Spanning the gap in medical benefits

A deductible and coinsurance program paying up to $5,000 when hospital confined


Self Funded



 Partially Self Funded Healthcare

An alternative approach to funding employee healthcare benefits

Designed for groups with 10 – 99 covered employees, but larger groups are also eligible

When you choose Employer ProMed™ :

  • Your plan benefits directly from favorable claims experience

  • You pay insurance company profit & expense charges only on the portion of the cost used to purchase excess loss insurance

  • You pay less state premium taxes

  • You have the potential for improved cash flow

  • You have greater control over plan design

  • Employer ProMed™ is governed by ERISA and is therefore exempt from certain state mandated benefits

  • You receive detailed reports showing exactly where your benefit dollars are going


At AMG we watch the clock...in a good way.

Our goal is to provide the service and administrative assistance that will allow you to do what you do best...to market and expand your practice.


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