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Occupational Accident

Even though a workers' compensation program is not required in Texas, those businesses understanding the need to provide occupational injury benefits to their employees have two options. 

One choice is through participation in the state mandated workers' compensation system. 

A second choice allows businesses to administer their own benefits by "non-subscribing" or "opting-out" of the state system. 


There are many reasons why a Texas employer would decide to exercise their option to opt out of worker's compensation. One of the primary reasons is that the premiums are too high. Another reason is they may wish to have more control over medical claims and avoid possible fraud.

We can assist a responsible non-subscriber in implementing a comprehensive program that provides occupational injury benefits to their employees.

For more information on Occupational Accident Plans for Non-Subscribers, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

To receive a quote, please complete our Fax-A-Quote Request form.








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 Occupational Accident


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