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Affiliated Marketing Group is making available to all of our agents the latest technology in company software. It is called WinFlex Web, an internet based life insurance sales proposal system with automatic updates. No more trying to keep up with current software versions and running updates!

We have prepared a package including several of our top companies that you can access, even if you are not appointed.       WinFlex Web allows you to run illustrations from a single client input screen.


  • Single system for multiple carriers
  • Enter client information using one carrier and switch to another while preserving your input data
  • Advanced Sales Concepts
  • Eliminate updates and software maintenance
  • Instant access to new products
  • Create, store, and retrieve case files containing an unlimited number of clients
How Do I Get Started?

To register for "Affiliated Marketing Group's WinFlex Web Package" follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Register Now under New Visitor
  3. Enter a unique user name
    (ie. jsmith, swilliams, John Doe…. whichever format you prefer)
  4. Enter First Name, Last Name, Your Company Name, Phone #, & Email Address
  5. Click
  6. Scroll down the list of agencies or enter  Affiliated in the Search window and click Find
  7. Click the circle next to Affiliated Marketing Group
  8. Click Continue Registration
  9. Click Complete Registration
    (this will generate an email to Affiliated Marketing Group asking the administrator to approve your registration)
  10. You will also receive an email giving you a temporary password and stating that an email has been sent to Affiliated Marketing Group for approval and that you will receive another email when approval is complete
  11. After approval is completed by the Affiliated Marketing Group administrator, you will receive another email stating that “ your request to illustrate products in WinFlex Web has been approved by Affiliated Marketing Group”
  12. You can then log on to using your temporary password.
  13. You are now ready to use WinFlex Web

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