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  HIPAA HITECH Compliance Sources
  On this page you will find links to the various programs that AMG has chosen to use to bring our organization into compliance with HIPAA HITECH.  Understand that we receive no compensation from nor do we endorse these products.  In addition you will find an outline of the CE Course we offer for one hour of credit on HIPAA HITECH.  We hope that our brokers find this helpful in addressing their need to comply with these acts.
  This is the link to course material on HIPAA HITECH.
  VeraCrypt is an open source encryption program that is compatible with windows xp, vista and windows 7. 
  Paperclip is program that allows the transmission of secure email.
  Go Daddy offers a program that protects the transmission of data to and from your website.  If clients are submitting form and data via fillable pdf files or XL spreadsheets this is something you should consider.

AMG has a written procedure for the protection of client information and internet usage.  Although we choose not to publish it on the web, it is available for our brokers.  If you would like to discuss obtaining a copy, obtaining information on our conversion to a paperless office, or creating a website, please contact Ed Massey.

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