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Life Insurance  
At AMG, we know that the needs of your clients are varied, so we provide a wide array of the industry’s leading carriers.

From low-cost to lifetime guarantees, our diverse product portfolio, vast underwriting expertise and ample industry experience allow us to stay focused on products, while offering services that include:

  • Advanced Sales Assistance

  • Large Case Underwriting Expertise

  • Impaired Risk Underwriting Through XRAE

  • Insureio Cloud Based Term Submission

  • Simple Life Term Submission

  • CLQ our free Consumer Life Quote Engine

  • Express Complete Quoting and Submission Platform

  • IGO for fillable forms and data gathering for easier life sales


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iGO is an intelligent fillable form and data gathering solution, is designed to streamline and accelerate the selling of life insurance products.  iGO enables producers to improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating errors and producing 100% in Good Order submissions.  To learn more visit our iGo Tutorial.



If you haven't used Insureio, you haven't tried the most effective way to sell term insurance available.  Web based with the same single page application for all carriers.  Best of all, you receive full compensation






Get the hassle-free starter kit. All Assessments include:

  • Unbiased, third-party review of current policy(ies)

  • Best marketplace alternatives



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